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Most Awarded Hash Maker

The Real Cannabis Chris

2nd @ Ego Clash Barcelona 2024

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Masters of Rosin NY

April Entry Deadline

Spannabis 2024

Results - Rosin

1Feeling Frosty HashZkittlez

Ego Clash Spain 2024

Results - Water Hash

1Bud ProfessorMelon Ball (Papaya x Devil Driver)
2The Real Cannabis Chris
3Santa HashCap Junky
4Growers With Attitude

Results - Rosin

Results - Dry Sift

Illinois Rosin Competition 2024

Results - Rosin

1Gotham SolventlessSatsuma Sherbet
2Midwest MeltzTrop Punch Bx1
3Yoi KemuriPapaya

Ten Star Cup

— Arizona

Results - Melt

1Hash PaddlerHoney Banana x Trollyman
2Snowy Melts
3Abundant Rosin

Results - Rosin

1SummusCereal Milk T1
2Abundant Rosin

Michigan Makers Cup 2024

Results - Rosin

1TrichomeFarmerCandy Fumez
2Lambchop MeltsRainbow Belts
3New Age HippyPapaya Fuel
4The Baked TatersStrawberry Melon
5Terp StyleRainbow Zlushie

Dab Rite Cup Grand Finale

— Los Angeles

Results - People's Choice

1The Real Cannabis ChrisSpider Man AKA Wild Cherry

Results - Rosin

1Solventless RefineryPlanet Red - Red Pop x Apples & Bananas
2Real Deal ResinZkittlez
3LophoriaPie Eyed
4Master Ball MeltsZhow Time
5The Real Cannabis ChrisSpider Man AKA Wild Cherry
6Trichome TortoiseZe Boof
7OGOFizzy Melon
8BloomfieldRainbow Octane
9Wigs WashCandied Oranges
10OPE OrganicsSouthern Hospitality

Hash Vegas 2024

— Las Vegas

Results - Championship

1Hand Made HashZkittlez
2Real Deal ResinZkittlez
3Pheonix Hash Co.Peach Banana Zkittlez
4Pure & ProperZkittlez
5Swollen Heads Hash Co.Happy Ending

Results - People's Choice

Hash It Out Cup 2024

— Canada

Results - Rosin

1Fire Farms MauiSour Cindy x Papaya
2Rosin StarTrop Lime
3The Woodz OfficialBanana Papaya

High 95 Cup

Results - Rosin

1Best Friend FarmsGrape Zmuckerzz

Results - Melt


Ego Clash CA 2023

Results - Melt

1Trichome TortoiseZe Boof
2Passion 4 HashingCDLA6 + Starburst OG
3The Real Cannabis ChrisGuapa Empanada de Pina

Results - Rosin

1Yeti MeltsOptimus Lime #8
2Pure & ProperKamikaze and Z mix
3Jah BotanistAsian pear

Cowboy Cup

Legends of Hashish III LA 2023

Results - Rosin

1SkunkPapa Burger
3Vessel Life SciencesPhosphene (Sour Diesel x Sour Dubb x Gas Masque)

Results - Water Hash

1Secret Society Hash Co.Guapa
2Quality SquishesBurnt Rainbowz
3Cold Craft Hash Co.Starburst 36 #2

Results - Dry Sift

1Secret Society Hash Co.Zkittlez
2Golden HeadsNeonz
3Wolverine DabsDubba Dosi

Amsterdam Coffee Shop Awards

New York Rosin Competition

The Illinois Valley Hash Bash

Californias Finest

Dab a Doo

FullMoon Sesh LA 2023

Results - Rosin

1Trichome TortoiseZe Boof
2Feel Good RosinTropaya
3Exotic M.O.BShow G

Results - Melt

1Trichome TortoiseZe Boof
2The Real Cannabis ChrisGuapa Pie 2
3The Real Cannabis ChrisGuapa Empanada De Piña 22

Transbay Challenge V

The Living Soil Cup

Secret Sesh

FullMoon Sesh Bangkok 2023

Results - Melt

1The Real Cannabis ChrisGuapa Sisters (Guapa Empanada De Piña 22 & Guapa Pie 2 blend)
2Trichome TortoiseZe Boof Piatella

Results - Rosin

Melt Down

Transbay Challenge IV

Culture Cup

The Smoking Jacket 2023

Results - Expert Judges

Results - People's Choice

1The Real Cannabis ChrisMichael Jordan

Transbay Challenge III

NorCal Rosin Championship

Farmers Cup 710

Transbay Challenge II

Hash Bash

Heady in the Clouds

Emerald Cup

Results - Rosin

1Ahti HashEl Krem Moroccan Peaches
2Papa's SelectStrawberry Rainbows
3Solventless RefineryRambutan
4Ahti HashKrem Peach Panther
5Punch ExtractsPoochies Papaya
6Heritage Hash Co.Hova
7Heritage Hash Co.Queens Chem
8Real Deal ResinLemon Limes

Results - Personal Use Solventless

1Byrd Extracts Co.Purple Magic
2Shackow SolventlessPapaya
3Christian LuevanoPapaya Piss
4Byrd Extracts Co.GAKnana
5Shackow SolventlessLemon Sour

Results - Ice Water Hash

1Heritage Hash Co.Whitethorn Rose
2Heritage Hash Co.Purple Papaya
3Moon Valley Hash Co.Super Boof
4Papa's SelectRainbow Belts
5Heritage Hash Co.Hova

Transbay Challenge I

Masters of Rosin

— Spain

Results - Rosin

1La Sagrada FarmZkittlez
2Have HashZkittlez
3DochazeDBlue Zushi
4Feeling Frosty HashTallymon
5Have HashOGZ
6GasTownSkittles & Rainbow Beltz Blend
7Kooki Monster GeneticsTropaya
8Cool BredFruit Joy 10
9@weedcanall420_Z Head

King of Z Hill

Results - Rosin

Farmers Cup 420

Ego Clash Spain 2023

Results - Melt

1Ogre FarmsStarburst OG
2Wooksauce WineryGrape Gas
3DochazeDPeach ’n’ Lime
4Colombia ExoticzMilkruntz
5@nugs420_Ducati Mints

Results - Rosin

1Have HashOGZ
2Master Ball MeltsGrape Gas
3Yeti MeltsTurquoise Tiger
4Dammit BobbyOishii
5Kooki Monster GeneticsTropaya

Results - Dry Sift

1@weedcanall420_Z Head
2Femme FataleFrosted Blessing
3Lurpe Natural SolutionsGarlic Vibes

The Organic Cup

Ego Clash CA 2022

Results - Rosin

1Heritage Hash Co.Riddlez
2Master Ball MeltsGrape Gas
3Cold Gold SolventlessSoap / Waffle Cones
4Real Deal ResinKey Lime Pie / OGZ
5Ice WookHoneyB. / RainbowB. / GuavaZ

Results - Melt

1simp.lee.adamBanana God (Banana OG x Wilson)
2Trichome TortoiseSuperboof
3Yeti MeltsLimeapple 36 / Jolly Apple / Limeheads
4Freedom Hash Co.Jungle Verde 2 / Chili Verde 2
5Pua ExtractionsMt. Hood Magic NL

Melting of the Heads 2022

Results - Rosin

1JesseGrape Cookies
2Urban Resin FarmerStrawberry GuaPaya
3Professor QBlack & Blue Magoo
4Whale Oil x CalyxTropaya
5Whale Oil ExtractsSunset Sherb
6Professor QHascap Sour
7Terp StylePB Breath #7
7PNW RootsStrawberry Yogurt
8Terp StyleCheesequake
9Mission Hill MeltsDeadheadz OG
10Heebs Hash RosinGG4

Results - Melt

1PNW RootsPink Lemonaid
2PNW RootsHamma Hamma
3Professor QLight Speed 4
4Professor QStar Dosi
5Whale Oil x CalyxTropaya
5Terp StyleCheesequake
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